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On a lighter note, some sink trivia we have come across.

Washing up ?   Maybe you are in good company. Some famous faces at the kitchen sink.


Elon Musk gets in on the act and helps Simon Helberg  (Howard Wolowitz) wash up in an episode of the Big Bang Theory.

Donald Trump cleans sink

Actually at the bathroom sink but still worth seeing. Donald Trump helps clean a sink in one of his hotels for a reality TV series.

margaret thatcher at the sink washing dishes
madonna at the kitchen sink. campaign dolce gabbana

Maddona plays to her strengths and poses at the kitchen sink for Dolce & Gabbana's 1990 advertising campaign.

Always keen to portray herself as an "ordinary" person,  ex British prime minister Margaret Thatcher relishes the opportunity to be photographed at the kichen sink.

al-pacino washing dishes in Scarface
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney washing dishes

1983, happier times with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney looking at their best. Whether they were actually caught sharing the chores or it's a deleted clip from a promo video we may never know.

Hollywood's most famous dishwasher. Al Pacino in Scarface.

Washing dishes, Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckam keeps in his dad's good books by keeping on top of the washing up.

Robert Mitchum doing dishes

Superstar Robert Mitchum shrugs off the sterotypes of the day and seems comfortable being photographed scrubbing away at the kitchen sink.

Clark (Chevy Chase) helps Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) clean the dishes,
Macaulay Culkin doing the dishes.
Stan laural and Oliver hardy in thicker_than_water at the kitchen sink

Always acutely aware how seemingly mundane situations could make great comedy. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy turn washing up into a comedy masterpiece.

Chevy Chase appears to help with the washing up in National Lampoon's Vacation. He later admitted he found it the funniest part of the film as it goes unoticed by most, he just picked up dirty dishes, wiped them and put them back in the cupboard.

If only he was still this sweet. Macaulay Culkin is left home alone to wash the dishes.

William Levy at the kitchen sink washing dishes

Not sure about an Oscar but If ever there was there is a most staged 'at the kichen sink award' this must be it. Right down to bare chest and the sign in the top left corner, Resident Evil star William Levy promotes his equality credentials.

Jimmy Stewart at the sink washing dishes

A young James Stewart shows the Hollywood press how despite his new found fame and fortune, still likes to keep his feet firmly on the ground. And his hands in the sink.

Ben Affleck at the kitchen sink

"He's Just Not That Into You" and we get a brief view of Ben Affleck busy proving his charachter is definitely into domestic skills.

Buster and Jane Powell Apr 1944 - doing dishes in
toyah_willcox in rubber gloves at the kichen sink
Cilla Black Radio Times washing up at the kitchen sink
Kate Bush at the kitchen sink washing dishes

Singer and actress Toyah Willcox looks decidedly unimpressed being toasted in her rubber gloves.

Silver screen stars Buster Keaton and Jane Powell in a sink duet.

Surprise, surprise. Cilla Black cleaned her own dishes. At least acording to the Radio Times.

When she comes down from her Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush can  apparently wash up and wear a smile that's even longer than her sink.

Emily Sweeny big bang theory washing dishes

What is it about The Big Bang Theory and black rubber gloves ? Whatever it is, Emily Sweeny looks more like she is about to inseminate a cow than wash the dishes.

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