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Advice on under-mounted inks

As their name suggests, under-mounted sinks are mounted under the work surface using a combination of support brackets and/or adhesives. Under-mounted sinks can be in stainless steel, ceramic, engineered stone, resin, enamelled cast iron, copper and natural stone.


They offer a clean line for your work surfaces. The worktops often incorporate a drainer area or drainer grooves.


They are suitable for hard surface worktops such as granite, marble, engineered stone, concrete and resin. With care they can also be used with wooden worktops. Under-mounted sinks are generally unsuitable for laminate type worktops.

Astracast onyx-4034-bowl-and-4016-half-bowl
Franke ANDANO undermount

Stainless steel, one piece full bowl and joined full length half bowl set under a  striking glass worktop.

Single Bowl, fabricated, stainless steel, under-mounted sink by Franke.

A modern, full bowl and separate full length, half bowl in fabricated stainless steel.  The advantages of separate bowls is that they can be mixed and matched to your preferred size and there is flexibility on spacing and position. Some consumers prefer the look of two separate openings. The section of worktop between the sinks is usually called the "bar."  There is some risk that the bar can get chipped if crockery and utensils are transferred from one sink to the other.


When the bowls are manufactured as if one piece, the sink can be under-mounted to a single opening in the worktop as the above.

Multiple bowls are available as seperate bowls or supplied as one unit.

Worktops can be cut flush to the sinks. This is sometimes referred to as  a zero reveal fitting. In practice this can be difficult to achieve to a high degree of  accuracy. The sink dimensions have a certain degree of tolerance as does the worktop cutting method employed. It may well cost you considerably more for very little effect and may highlight any discrepancies in the sink.

Undermounted resin sink

As in these laboratory style sinks, the openings in the worktops are often cut overhanging the sink slightly. This is sometimes referred to as having negative reveal. The advantage of this is that firstly it can hide any dimensional inaccuracies in the sink and secondly it hides the sealant line at the intersection between the worktops and the sinks.


There will be however a slight reduction in the size of the sink opening.

Worktop opening are sometimes made slightly larger than the sink perimeter exposing a small section of the lip of the sink. This is sometimes referred to as having a positive reveal.The advantage of this method is that it makes use of the maximum size of the sink.  More care is required to ensure a neat sealant line as it is left exposed.


This method is very commonly shown in sink literature, understandably so, sink manufacturers are more concerned with displaying the sink than the worktop.

clearwater undermount-sink-brushed-steel

Advice on worktop cut outs for under-mounted sinks.

stainless undermounted kitchen sink
corner-sink-kitchen-undermount stainless

Undermount sinks are made in a variety of materials like this fireclay, ceramic sink. With careful selection, sinks may be undermounted in wooden worktops.

For some installations an under-mounted corner sink may be the ideal solution.

If you like a lot of sink space even triple under-mount bowls are available.

Triple bowl under mount sink
PYRAGRANITE Beige undermount

Composite resin under-mount sinks are available in a variety of colours and styles.

Balck kitchen sink black worktop

Black composite resin sinks are very popular. They are often marketed under names such as "granite," "granit,"  "pyragranite" etc.

Copper effect undermount kitchen sink
honed-golden-lapidus-natural granite-sink-

Fancy something different ? How about this bronze effect, under-mount sink from Alveus, or maybe asking your granite fabricator to make you up some bespoke, kitchen sinks from the same material as your worktops.

White undermount ceramic wood worktops
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