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Advice on Sit-On Sinks

These sinks sit directly onto the kitchen cabinet and occupy the full width of the worktop. The ends of the sink are usually level with, or raised above the worktop. Sit-on sinks offer some advantages over other sinks. They can be fitted using any type of worktop, including laminate worktops. They can also be used instead of a join in the worktop as the worktop butts snugly to both ends.


A large Butler, Belfast or Farmhouse sink can be fitted as a sit-on sink. First check that there is enough enamel finish on the sides of the sink as some of this will be seen.

Olif sit-on sink

Stainless steel is a popular choice for a sit-on sink.  The above Olif sink shows how the sit-on sink can be used as an effective join to a worktop often eliminating the need for a worktop seam entirely. It fits snugly to the sides and worktop front and in this case,  as the sink is the same thickness as the worktop, it produces a neat level finish.

Villeroy and Boch ceramic sit-on sink
Corner sink ceramic  Villeroy and Boch

A double butler sink with shelf from Villeroy and Boch shows how a butler sink can be used to great effect as a sit-on sink.

To exclude a corner worktop joint, to enable you to easily fit standard worktop lengths or for just the effect, a corner ceramic sit-on sink, such as this sink from Villeroy and Boch, fits the bill perfectly.

Astracast bistro stainless sink

Once one of the most popular style of sink available. after many years out of favour, with modern styling, the stainless sit-on sink has become more popular.

Astracast sit on

A ceramic, simply styled, single bowl, apron fronted sit-on sink from Astracast


A bespoke soapstone, parially under-mounted, sit-on sink, manufactured to match existing worktops.

Rangemaster composite sit-on sink

A black, composite resin, sit-on sink by Rangemaster.

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