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Advice on Integrated sinks

You will most likely require a more costly, high quaility sink to integrate it into your work surface.

Fitting the sink is very specialist and costly.

The method is only suitable with stainless steel and certain solid surface worktops.

Not all worktop companies will have the expertise or the machinery to integrate a sink into the work surface.

As a general rule, the sink must be made of the same material as the work surface.

An integrated sink is a sink that is attached seamlesly or near seamlesly to your worktop to achieve the effect of both components being one piece.

Advantages of an Integrated sink

What is an integrated sink ?

The major advantage to fitting an integrated sink is that there is no lip between the sink and the work surface.

Dirt and debris will not collect in the join between the sink and the work surface.

As there is no lippage, the work surfaces can be easily wiped and any water or debris wiped clean into the sink.

There is a much cleaner look to work surface fitted with an integrated sink.

Disadvantages of an Integrated sink

What work surface and sink materials are suitable for an integrated sink ?

acrylic-sink white undermount seamless
Blanco steelart sink
Modern style Carrara white grey marble sink

A white fleck, acrylic worktop with an integrated bowl and a half, white acrylic sink. As you can see, the joint is unoticeable.

A Carrara white marble sink integrated into the worktop. The marble worktop and drainer could have been made with a lip, sanded back and polished to hide the joints. This however would have added considerable costs to the instalation.

Integrated double acrylic sink
acrylic-sink seamless white
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Stainless Steel. This requires the fabricator to seam weld the stainless steel sink to the stainless steel worktop, grind down the weld, fill with weld any pits or holes and re-grind. Then sand to a smooth intersection between worktop and sink They may also have to  remove any heat staining to the steel then finish the entire area so it all blends as a one piece structure.


Welding stainless steel is not only difficult but the materials are expensive. The steel used for the sink may be incompatible for welding to the work surface so take advice on this first.  The fabricator must also check the type of steel used to select the correct stainless steel filler rod and to ensure the correct settings on his welding equipment.  For more information on stainless steel sinks click here

Copper, Brass, Bronze or Nickel. Although it is very unusual to see these materials used as a work surface it is not entirely unheard of. The method of fabricating these sinks to the work surface is very similar to stainless steel although the method of welding stainless may be TIG or MIG, for these materials it would almost certainly be TIG. This type of welding is generally considered more costly.  For more information on Copper, Brass, Bronze or Nickel sinks, click here.

Marble, granite, other natural stone and Quartz engineered stone.  All these materials to some extent can be used to integrate a sink. They are most likely to be joined by the use of some form of epoxy resin. It would be more usual to leave a fine adhesive joint in most of these materials. Some stones such as some marbles or limestone lend themselves to the joints being sanded and polished back together to form very fine, smooth joint. Although this is theoretically possible in granite, it would be technically difficult and would require an extremely skilled mason fabricator to achieve a good result.  For more information on marble, granite and natural stone sinks click here

Thermoplastic Acrylic. Not to be confused with a composite sink made using acrylic resin for which almost all are unsuitable for integrating with a worktop. When it comes to integrating a sink into a worktop, acrylic sinks and worktops, along with stainless steel offer the most effective solution but are less costly to integrate than in stainless steel.  Acrylic sinks can be fine bonded to acrylic based work surfaces such as Corian, Duropal, Minerva, Ikea and many other brands, the joints can then be sanded back to being near invisible creating the effect of a one piece worktop and sink.   For more information on Acrylic sinks click here