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Advice on Inset Sinks

Inset sinks are the sinks which use the most conventional method of installation. The sink centre is simply inserted from above into a prepared cut-out in your worktop.  They are often referred to as "Topmount"  a "Pop In Sink" or "Drop In Sink" for this reason.


They can be made from stainless steel, ceramic, composite resin, engineered stone, copper, enamelled cast iron and even natural stone.


Many different configurations of inset sinks are available including single bowl, double bowl and bowl and a half. There are even corner inset sinks.


These sinks can be an easy and inexpensive solution.  Many manufactures also offer stylish and luxury models.


Inset sinks are suitable for all types of worktop.

Quality stainless steel sink
Franke Ascona ASX651 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Single bowl inset sink. Various styles of drainer area are available. Drainer can be to the left or right.

Bowl and a 1/2 or 1.5 bowl inset sink. The small bowl is usually central of the main bowl but can occasionally be aligned to the top or bottom of the main bowl.

A fabricated stainless steel inset sink with full length half bowl.  

Alveus stainless copper effect sink
vantage-1.5 bowl

A copper effect, stainless steel, 1.5 bowl inset sink. Also available in a brass finish.

onyx-4034-bowl 4016-half-bowl

Separate, fabricated stainless steel bowl and 1/2 bowl without drainer.

Double bowl double drainer olif

Double bowl, double drainer, stainless steel inset sink.

Fabricated stainless steel, double bowl, small single drainer inset sink.

dropin sink-3bowls

Triple Bowl, stainless steel inset sink. This model is also available in twin and even a four bowl version.

inset slimline

Some stainless inset sinks come with a super slim lip.

Stainless corner sink

Stainless steel, corner, inset sink with two single bowls and a half bowl.

Stainless steel inset sinks.

Composite resin inset sinks

Black Composite 1.5 bowl sink

Black, composite resin, bowl and half bowl inset sink. Some manufacturers refer to this product as Anthracite granite or even granit.

Blanco Pearl Grey Inset Sink

Single bowl, double drainer, composite resin, pearl grey inset sink.

Green resin inset sink

A dark green composite resin, bowl and a half inset sink. Composite Resin sinks come in a variety of colours to suit individual tastes.

Ceramic inset sinks


Traditional bowl and a half, inset, white ceramic sink.

villeroy-boch 1-5-bowl-white-ceramic-inset-kitchen-sink-

Modern styles are available like this ceramic, one and a half bowl sink without drainer. These sink bowls are also available as separates.

Inset sinks in other materials

Copper inset sink

For the niche' customer there is always copper inset sink to consider.  A fabricated double bowl inset sink with detachable wooden drainer panel.

Black enamel cast iron sink

An exclusive, black enameled, cast iron, double bowl inset sink.

Reversible sink

Half bowl can be is usually on the left but sometimes on the right. Some sinks are reversible with the unused tap hole blanked off.

Red schock sink

A bright red composite sink from Schock.

Corner ceramic sink

A corner ceramic sink by Villeroy and Boch

quarzo twin round sink

Prefer round bowls ?  They are available in single and twin, with and without a drainer.

Black single sink

Black resin, single bowl without drainer.

Flush mounted stainless steel sink Blanco

Super slim drainer models are also available to give a near flush finish to your work surface.

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