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Advice on choosing a hand washing sink.

Unless your business involves selling food which has been pre-packed from supplier to sale then you will need to provide adequate washing facilities to comply with hygiene regulations. This includes a separate sink for hand washing.

Of course you could any type of sink and just designate it for hand washing only but a designated hand washing sink offers some distinct advantages.


They are designed to be compact enough as not to infringe unduly on the working area yet large enough to adequately fulfil their function.


They make a clear statement to environmental officers that you take the distinction between hand washing and other washing seriously and that there is a clear distinction for staff members.


It is easier to define the hand washing only area to staff members and there is less excuse for confusion.


Hand washing sinks come in a variety of styles and mounting options to allow greater flexibility in fitting location and the waste pipe from the sink is smaller in diameter than most other sinks, further increasing the options for its location.


They are also generally less costly to purchase and install.

Hand Washing Sinks for Bars, Food Outlets and Commercial Kitchens.

Vogue hand washing sink wall mounted
Franke round hand washing sink inset
Knee operated washing sink
Hands free washing sink

For increased hygiene and convenience, there are knee operated sinks.



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ex VAT

Portable Hand Washing Sinks

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