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Advice on Glass Sinks

In the main, two types of glass sinks are available. The most usual type of glass sink available today is a glass surround and drainer incorporating one or more stainless steel bowls.  For appearance,  safety and strength, the glass is usually coloured,  toughened and tempered. Sinks where the actual bowl is made of glass  are exceptionally rare and the few that are available are smaller glass bowls,  generally under-mounted or inset to the worktop surface.

Advantages of a glass drainer sink

Disadvantages of a glass drainer sink.

What type of glass sinks are available ?

Glass drainer sinks are sleek, slim and therefore have a low profile to the work surface.

They are available in a number of different colours.

The colours are bright, solid colours with a high gloss.

Tempered glass is resistant to heat and most common household chemicals.

To a certain  degree are repairable.

Limited choice of styles. They are only available as an inset sink or a flush mounting sink.

They are more costly than a comparative sink of a different material.

Tempered glass may shatter under a high impact such as a falling cast iron pan.

Although glass is a fairly hard material, it can still scratch if abraded by hard grits.

Fractures are obviously impossible to repair. Light scratches can be removed but it is a specialist procedure.

They can be difficult to fit  sometimes requiring specialist adhesives and sealants.

black glass bowl and half bowl by Caple
Red glass sink Alveus
White glass sink by Caple
Violet glass sink by Alveus

Looking to blend your sink with your white worktop ? This white glass sink by Caple maybe the answer.

Looking for a sink with a bold colour contrast ? Alveus offers a number of coloured glass sinks in their range including red, yellow and this striking violet.

No doubt due to technical difficulties, very few manufacturers have ventured into making solid glass sinks for kitchens although there are a number of solid glass bathroom sinks on the market. There are a few specialist companies but the range of styles is very limited. Due to the physical properties of glass, kitchen sinks in glass are limited to comparatively modest size bowls. If you come across any other glass kichen sinks, please let us know on our Blog.

Solid glass sinks.

Twin, bronze glass,  bowls, under-mounted to a granite work surface.

clear glass undermount sink

A clear patterned glass, under-mount or inset bowl for kitchen and bar use,

Glass sink with vave drainer Alveus
Black glass Franke sink

Black glass is a very popular choice such as this sleek, black glass, inset sink from Franke.

If you are looking for more curves then this sink may be a bit more to your taste. A black glass "Wave" sink from Alveus.

countertops black glass stainless sink

If you are struggling to get that sleek, uninterrupted look you are looking for you could always opt for making the whole worktop from glass and under-mounting the sinks.

My Appliances glass sink right drainer

Black Glass sink from My Appliances.

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