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Advice on Flush Mounted Sinks

A flush mounted sink is a fitting method wherbye a rebate is cut out into the work surface to allow the sink to be finished flush to the worktop. Some inset and undermount sinks can be flush fitted but increasingly, sink manufacurers are including purpose built, flush fitting sinks to their range.

The most obvious advantage to fitting a flush fitting sink is that there is no lip between the sink and the work surface.

Dirt and debris will not collect in the join between the sink and the work surface.

As there is no lippage, the work surfaces can be easily wiped and any water or debris wiped clean into the sink.

There is a much cleaner look to work surface fitted with a flush fitting sink.

Despite some advice to the contrary, flush fitting sinks can be fitted to any worktop, including laminate worktops.

What is a flush mounted sink ?

The advantages of a flush fitting sink.

The disadvantages of a flush fitting sink.

Budget sinks are rarely suitable for flush mounting so you will most likely need a more high end sink.

If the sink does not cost you more the fitting certainly will. Cutting such an exact opening is time consuming and costly as is the fitting process.

Not all worktop companies will have the expertise or the expert machinery to cut the rebate into the work surface.

Some work surface companies are reluctant to take on the risk.  Even with modern CNC machinery, with such tight tolerances the slightest error or tool failiure can cause unrepairable damage to a section of worktop.

Flush mounted composite Blanco sink
Flushmounted modern style steel sink

A composite resin, flush mounted sink by Blanco

A contemporary style stainless steel, flush fitted sink.

A more traditional style, stainless steel, flush mounted sink with drainer.

A video showing the procedure for fitting a Blanco flush mounted sink.

Small stainless flush mounted sink by Alveus

From their range of flush fitting sinks is the small single, stainless steel, fabricated sink from Alveus.


A sectional diagram of a flush fitting sink. Courtesy of Alveus Sinks. Most sink manufacturers such as Alveus will provide you with a CAD file of the required cut out which some worktop suppliers can input into a CNC machine.

Flush mounted stainless steel sink

Another example of a modern, flush mounted, stainless steel sink.

Round bowl stainless sink

Some round bowl sinks that are available off the shelf are suitable for flush mounting. If it has a rounded rim it will unsuitable to be flush fitted.

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