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Advice on composite sinks.

In summary, a composite sink is manufactured from a man made material composed of a mix of materials blended together.  They are usually composed of a hard stone dust such as quartz or granite and a resin such as polyester, acrylic or sometimes a mix of both.  Pigments are added to the mix to add colour, the mix is moulded, pressed and then heated until cured.


The higher the concentration of stone dust the more durable the sink will be, however as the proportion of stone dust gets higher, the more difficult it is to create a homogeneous mix, achieve an effective cure and a good finish. A high quality composite sink may have as much as 80 to 90 per cent stone dust.


Confusingly for the consumer, each manufacturer will have developed their own unique mix of stone powders, resins and additives and each one promoting their own trade name for the product.  Anthracite, Granite, granit, Rok, Rock, Silgranit, to name but a few.

Composite sinks are hard and durable and do not scratch easily.

Heat resistant. Composite sinks are able to withstand heat up to 280 degrees centigrade.

Available in a variety of colours and styles. The colour is very consistent throughout the product.

Easy to keep clean and low maintenance.

Some models are available at a modest cost.

What is a composite sink ?

Advantages of a composite sink.

Disadvantages of a composite sink.

Blanco Modex inset sink
Black Composite 1.5 bowl sink
Franke composite inset sink

They can be unforgiving to glassware causing breakages if care is not taken.

They are not available in a high gloss, apart from some engineered stone sinks, almost all are a matt finish.

Although they are heat resistant, hot frying pans may damage them.

Quality models can be costly.

There is no recognised, effective repair method available.

blanco zenar composite sit on sink

A sit on sink is a popular choice when it comes to composite sink. A modern look "Zenar" composite sink from Blanco

black single sink Krauss

Black remains the most popular colour in composite sinks. A blank, single bowl inset from Kraus.

Brown composite coffee sink

A brown, one and a half bowl, composite sink from Blanco. Brown being the second most popular choice.

Blanco Belfast composite sink

An unusual Belfast style sink in that it is manufactured from composite stone. By Blanco.

PYRAGRANITE Beige undermount

When it comes to composite under-mounted sinks, there are plenty of styles and colours to choose from. A modern style, under-mount sink with full length half bow.

Full bowl black sink
half bowl black sink

Under-mounted sinks are also available as separates. A full bowl and full length half bow from Franke

What is engineered stone ?

Engineered stone is a collective term for any man made material manufactured using stone dust or aggregate, to mimic some of the properties of stone. Some composite sink manuafcturers call their material engineered stone.


Engineered stone is also the term used by most composite worktop manufacturers. To add any confusion, these manufacturers have started to make sinks to compliment their worktops and these "composite" sinks have a very different look and feel to the ones manufacured by sink producers.

Black silver fleck silestone sink

A black with silver fleck, engineered stone, single undermount sink by Silestone designed to be used with their worktops. These sinks usually have a near gloss finish.


Round bowls are available for either undermounting, or as above, as an inset sink.

Corner pop in grey sink by Blanco
Blanco corner sink composite stone

There is a composite sink to suit almost any installation. A grey composite sit-on corner sink.

This brown composite sinks fits into an offset corner.

My Appliances Grey sink
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