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Sinks are major components of every commercial kitchen, from small cafes to busy restaurants, each kitchen and food preparation area needs one. Sinks are used for three main tasks;  hand washing,  cleaning and the preparation of food and washing dishes, utensils, equipment and  other cookware.  Health and hygiene guidelines and regulations generally state that a different type of sink is required for each task. To avoid cross contamination, dishes should not be washed in a sink that is used for the cleaning or preparation of produce, meat, poultry or fish products.

Choosing Commercial Sinks.

Stainless Steel Sinks for Washing and Food Preparation.

Do I need a single or a twin bowl sink ?

This obviously depends on the  use and layout of your commercial kitchen and to some extent your budget.  As different sinks are required for food preparation and washing up it maybe easier to just buy one stand alone unit with twin sinks and twin drainers which will satisfy your requirements with just one unit.  It will however be a large installation and it may make more effective use of space to install two separate single sinks in different locations.


If you are for example just a tea house or snack bar selling pre-made food items and drinks and do no food preparation you could spare the expense of two sinks and just fit a single sink.


Fortunately, there is a comprehensive range of single and twin sinks available, with and without drainers to  satisfy the needs of most commercial kitchens.

Tips !  


Buying a sink with an integrated  up-stand will make it easier to comply with hygiene standards for your kitchen.


You can buy sinks with storage facilities underneath which can be useful if you wish to store small items,  think carefully before purchase as they can also hinder the storage of large items as well as creating complications with plumbing.


If you have a work surface near your food preparation sink you maybe able to save space by buying a sink without a drainer area.

Commercial sinks can be delivered ready assembled or flat packed. Which one is best for me ?

There are pros and cons for each type of construction.


Fully Assembled Advantages                                                    

Usually a welded construction which offers extra strength, durability and longevity.

Easy to install. No assembly required.


Fully Assembled Disadvantages.

Usually more costly to purchase and transport.

Cannot be dismantled eg. to move through small accesses.


Flat Packed Advantages.

Usually less costly to purchase and transport.

If need be, can be moved by one person.

Can be taken apart for moving or storage.


Flat Packed Disadvantages.

Not as quite as rigid as a welded structure.

Needs to be assembled on site.

Fixings can become loose if abused or incorrectly assembled.

vogue double sink with left hand drainer
Franke sissons single bowl single drainer
Franke 120 x 65 single bowl sink

A Franke, single bowl sink. 120cm x 65cm

£589.99 from Nisbets.

Franke double bowl catering sink

A Franke, double bowl sink with right or left hand drainer . 150cm x 65cm £799.99 from Nisbets. Also available as self assembly £714.99

Other materials for commercial sinks.

For catering stainless steel is usually the material of choice. There is no reason why some other materials should not be used if aesthetics are an important consideration. Ceramic or glazed cast iron can be used,  bear in mind, if any of the glaze gets chipped, for hygiene reasons, you will usually be required to change the whole sink.


Sometimes copper sinks are used and are perfectly suitable for most applications.


Small glass bar sinks are also available.


In the past slate was often used for commercial sinks and they can still be found being used in some specialist laboratories although most now use composite resin sinks.

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Awin" target="_self">120cm x 60cm model, available from Nisbets for Awin" target="_self">£374.99Awin" target="_self"> ex Vat.