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Advice on enameled cast iron sinks.

They are durable and long lasting with a hard wearing porcelain enamel.

Available in a range of bright and vivid colours.

Easy to clean and do not readily show water marks.

They have a unique, deep high gloss look that is not replicated in other materials.

Cast iron sinks are made of mostly recyclable material.

Cast iron sinks are costly to purchase and install. Coloured sinks usually cost even more.

Very heavy and usually require additional support.

The enamel can be chipped if impacted by a heavy implement.  Quality repairs are normally expensive.

Being made from a thermally efficient material means they absorb a lot of heat from the bowl water.

There is a need to take care not to use aggressive cleaners as they could mark or even eventually wear away the enamel.


Advantages of enamelled cast iron sinks.

Disadvantages of an enamelled cast iron sink.

Do cast iron sinks rust ?

There is a common misunderstanding that cast iron can rust. This is only partly true.  A thin layer of rust (iron oxide) can form on the surface when exposed to moisture but this forms a protective layer that protects the cast iron from any further corrosion.  If left alone the surface rust will eventually fall or wash away leaving the surface protected. We only have to look around at all the Victorian lamp posts and other Victorian, cast iron, architectural items that are still in fine condition after well over a hundred years of exposure to the weather. If you scour off the surface rust you will however leave the cast iron unprotected again and a further layer of rust will re-form. More importantly, the rust does not migrate under the enamel surface and cause further damage. This does not however hold for an enamelled mild steel sink which are sometimes sold. Mild steel enamelled sinks are very much thinner and so much lighter than cast iron sinks so you are very unlikely to encounter a mix up.  Click here for information on mild steel enamelled sinks.

Black enamel cast iron sink
Blue cast iron enamel-single-bowl-kitchen-sink
White enameled cast iron sink
Kohler amber cast iron sink
kohler-whitehaven farmhouse sink
Kohler Alencon Lace cast iron sink
Cast iron undermounted sink by Kohler
whitehaven white-cast-iron-sink by Kohler
Brown cast iron kohler inset sink

A white cast iron, enamelled bowl and a half sink.

A bright blue cast iron, undermounted sink.

Becoming a bit of a classic. The Whitehaven range of cast iron farmhouse sinks by Kohler.

An exclusive Dickinson® cast iron sink designed by Alencon Lace.™  Unfortunately now discontinued. If you want one you will need deep pockets and be prepared to do a lot of ringing  around.

Kohler have a large range of cast iron sinks and change their range quite regular.  An Amber, enamelled, cast iron sink suitable as an inset or under-mount.

A brown, enamell

ed cast iron, inset sink from the current Kohler range.

Coming soon, how to fit a cast iron sink.

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